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Boat Hire and Yacht Charter Destinations

Africa Fiji Oman
Antartica Finland Panama
Antigua & Barbuda France Philippines
Aruba French Polynesia Poland
Argentina Germany Portugal
Australia Gibraltar Puerto Rico
Austria Greece Russia
Bahamas Greenland Seychelles
Barbados Grenada Singapore
Belgium Guadaloupe Slovenia
Belize Holland/Netherlands Solomon Islands
Bermuda Hong Kong South Africa
Brazil Iceland Spain
British Virgin Islands India St Lucia
Bulgaria Indonesia St Vincent & Grenadines
Cambodia Ireland Sweden
Canada Israel Switzerland
Cape Verde Italy Thailand
Cayman Island Malaysia Tonga
Chile Maldives Trinidad and Tobago
Costa Rica Malta Tunisia
Croatia Martinique Turkey
Cuba Mexico United Arab Emirates
Cyprus Monaco UK - United Kingdom
Denmark Morocco USA - United States
Ecuador Myanmar US Virgin Islands
Egypt New Caledonia Vanauatu
Falkland Islands New Zealand Venezuela
Faroe Islands Norway Vietnam

Do Need a Licence?
No formal sailing qualifications or great sailing skill is required to hire a boat. Most rental companies provide the necessary training and are also available for extra tuition as required.

Do I Need Sailing Experience?
If you can handle a windsurfer or a sailing dinghy you should be able to sail a yacht - the principles are the same. Using easy to follow briefing techniques and easy to handle vessel rigging, an experience briefer will guide you.

Is Sailing Safe?
Safety on a sailboat involves a wide range of activities and the use of important safety gear and equipment.Use a safety checklist to check boat gear and equipment and to orient guests and crew before heading out.

Be sure you and your crew wear a PFD at appropriate times, since falling off the boat is the leading cause of boating fatalities.Using a safety harness tether in rough weather and when sailing solo helps ensure you stay on the boat no matter what. Using jacklines gives you an effective way to stay clipped on to the boat with your tether.

Safe Sailing Tips
Don’t be so eager to get sailing that you overlook key tasks and checks before leaving your dock or mooring. Most boating problems and accidents can be prevented, and it’s essential to find and correct any issues before you’re occupied with the sailing. Without a checklist, new sailors may overlook something basic because of inexperience, while long-time sailors often simply suffer a memory lapse.

Make your own checklist for your boat, choosing the applicable items from the following list. Keep a copy on the boat and quickly run through the list before heading out.

Check the forecast and local wind and wave conditions
Tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back (float plan)
Prepare guests: appropriate clothing and gear to bring, seasickness prevention.

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