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Yacht & Boat Marinas / Moorings

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Information on Yacht Marinas
A marina is a facility which caters to small boats and recreational boaters. Marinas consist of basins or sheltered harbors which are fitted with equipment suitable for the use of small watercraft. They can include a variety of amenities. Marinas may be administered by municipalities, private organizations, or even individuals. Use of the marinamarinamarina usually comes with a fee which can vary depending on the types of services someone wants to use.

A marina also commonly has services like a refueling station, stores which stock basic marine supplies, repair facilities, and related businesses. Marinas can also have restaurants and recreational facilities for the use of members and visitors, and some even have features like car rental agencies which can connect visiting sailors with rental cars, concierge desks which offer services like hotel and restaurant reservations, dry cleaning, and so forth, along with medical clinics for basic medical needs.

Information on Yacht Moorings
The days when it was possible to pick a secluded spot, drop a train wheel on the bottom and moor your boat to it have passed. There is now such a demand for a share of sheltered waters statewide, for all kinds of aquatic activity, that moorings have had to be strictly regulated.

Rules apply to where moorings can go and to the quality of moorings – boats breaking adrift endanger other people’s boats as well as themselves.

Mooring licence holders are required to maintain their moorings in the appointed place and in good order and condition. It is also compulsory to have every part of the mooring lifted and inspected at least once every three years.

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